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Introducing…Zack! (MOSCOT Intern and 5th Generation Moscot)
What is your position at MOSCOT?
I am currently the MOSCOT Intern. I'd like to think I've been a valuable member of the MOSCOT team this summer. I spent the first couple weeks working along side Louie, our Art Director, photoshopping and helping him complete visual images for our new Style Guide, which will be out October 1st. After that, and for the majority of the summer, I explored the vast dimensions of customer service. Robyn, Dan and the rest of the Customer Service team shared their expertise and showed me how to provide the full MOSCOT MX via phone, email, and on the sales floor. I also helped our in house marketing team  -- and -- certainly enjoyed modeling product when offered the option!
How long have you worked for MOSCOT? 
Intertwined within my double helix, I believe I have been working at MOSCOT since the day I was born! I started working at the MOSCOT shops in 2007, while I was in high school. Even though I'm only here in the summers when I'm not back at school, I do my best to stay current on MOSCOT events, product, and projects. I'm finally in my last year at the University of Michigan, and as soon as I graduate, I'm eager to get back in the shop!
What is your favorite thing about working for MOSCOT?
As a 5th generation Moscot, this is the hardest question to answer. Working at MOSCOT every day represents the living history and ongoing journey of my family, the "Moscot Family"and the MOSCOT tradition. I feel a great sense of pride and love around me as I walk through the front door, up the steps, and into the shop. I feel the history of my family, and the hardworking MOSCOT Family of the past and of the present. It is the MOSCOT Family that makes working here the ultimate experience! Not only am I around the most creative and coolest people, but also the most upbeat, humorous, and spirited  people! Everyone at MOSCOT is so dynamically different and awesome in their own way, which as a mix, makes for one well stirred cauldron full of magical spells!
What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work? 
When I'm not at the shop, I love playing guitar and writing original music. It's always fun jamming with my dad, aka the BOSS, when I'm home. But it is and has been quite a treat working on and playing music with MOSCOT team members, especially Arthur - our 14th Street shop manager -- he's quite a sick musician and knows how to make your stuff sound good!
Which MOSCOT frame are you taking back with you to college? 
The LEMTOSH! You know I'm going to bring back my Flesh LEMTOSH with Green Lenses. Classic combination! I love sportin' my MOSCOT LEMTOSH at school and on my walks to class. I like to think my LEMTOSH helps spread the creative and free spirited vibes that MOSCOT and everyone here at MOSCOT represent to everyone around me!
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