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We're thrilled to announce MOSCOT is now available at retail shop, Baldwin Denim, located in the heart of County Club Plaza, in Leawood, Kansas! 

A clothing and lifestyle brand founded on the principles of modern design, quality textiles, and American manufacturing, Baldwin Denim blendstimelessness, modernism, and classic American style…not unlike MOSCOT. Carrying a variety of MOSCOT frames from The MOSCOT Originals, Spirit, and Sun Collections, we're super happy to be partnering with a such a cool brand, who shares our passion for quality, customer service, and heritage — kismet!

For more information, visit Baldwin Denim online at baldwindenim.com 

Pulsart Restart in Schio, Italy is on and MOSCOT is there (!!!), thanks to our awesome distribution partner, Baumvision Europe!

A culmination of art, design, and music, Pulsart Restart is not only a super cool (and quite possibly the largest) summer arts festival in Italy, but it's open to the public until July 21st! With more than 1500 guests flocking in on the first day (amazing!), we're in awe of what Baumvision Europe, our European distribution partner, created in the Palazzo Fogazzaro on behalf of MOSCOT— our historic MOSCOT Shop once located at 94 Rivington Street back in 1925!! The one our Great Grandpa Hyman first opened and stands in front of in the iconic photo that adorns our MOSCOT Mini Trunks and this very Facebook page! WOWOWOW!  Check out the amazing and beautiful photos below! 


Introducing MOSCOT Employee and our 2013 MOSCOT Sun Model...Karina!

What is your position at MOSCOT? 
I'm a PC (Patient Coordinator) on the Eyecare side of the MOSCOT house. 

How long have you worked for MOSCOT? 
A little over four years now (since August of 2009).

What is your favorite thing about working for MOSCOT? 
MOSCOT really does have a family dynamic, which has made it a fun and supportive place to work.

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not at work? 
Dancing/performing (I’m a professional dancer/performing artist), jogging in Prospect Park, finding new adventures in the city! 

What is your favorite MOSCOT frame and which one do you wear? 
I would say my favorite frame right now is The CARRINGTON. 

Where would you take your favorite MOSCOT Sun on vacation? 
I would take my CARRINGTON or my DREW to Hawaii to visit my friends! 


In the grand tradition of schleps across America (err, family road trips), we've packed our bags (and plenty of ear plugs) and are hitting the road this summer. Beginning August 8th, we're following Grandpa Sol's tire tracks to say hey, howdy, hello, and hiya to the great shops that stock MOSCOT all across the USA and Canada! 

Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/moscot and Twitter at @MOSCOT, to see if we'll be visiting YOUR city!


It's officially official…with the tireless effort and hard work of our Polish representative, Michal Malka (who we first met when he sent us his photo for MOSCOT EyeSpy exactly one year ago this week - how cool is that!?), MOSCOT can now be found at custom tailors, Rudolf & Co., in Warsaw, Poland! Whoop!

Founder and owner, Jaroslaw Adamczak, not only believes in classic and timeless tailoring, but also in the highest quality customer service, dressing artists, musicians, actors, athletes, and many others looking for made-to-order, handmade suits. Sound familiar? Just a little, we think!

Sharing the likeminded goal of providing the best possible customer experience to fans, Rudolf & Co. couldn't be a more perfect fit as our first stockist for The MOSCOT Originals and MOSCOT Sun Collections in beautiful Poland! WE ARE PSYCHED! 

Check out Rudolf & Co's beautiful atelier below, with more pictures and information available on their Facebook page: facebook.com/RudolfCo. BIG THANK YOUS to Michal, Rudolf & Co., and our European distribution partner, Baumvision Europe, for a job well done! (P.S. You might also recognize Michal from our newest 2013 MOSCOT Sun Campaign in The BEAUMONT!) 

(Photo credit: Konrad Werkowicz)

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Pulsart Restart…where art, design, music and...MOSCOT will come together at the Palazzo Fogazzaro in Schio, Italy!

From July 5th through 21st our original, historic MOSCOT shop at 94 Rivington Street in the Lower East Side, which our Great Grandpa Hyman first opened in 1925, will be recreated thanks to our awesome European distribution partner, Baumvision Europe. Complete with classic MOSCOT tchotchkes, our Collections will be housed in vintage furnishings, just like in our Shops today! Pretty amazing, if you ask us!

We're incredibly grateful to be a part of this highly regarded arts festival, alongside creative and inspiring designers and artists from all over Europe! An especially BIG THANK YOU to Flavio Pozzan, our Baumvision Europe sales representative, for bringing MOSCOT to Pulsart Restart! For more news and information, check out pulsart.it/moscot.
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The quaint little town of Portogruaro in Venice, Italy, buzzed with excitement last weekend, thanks to our wonderful stockist, Ottica Coassin! 

Taking inspiration from our love of fashion and music, Ottica Coassin dressed their storefront windows with MOSCOT Eyewear and classic electric guitars…how cool is that?! With over 100 guests in attendance, fans, customers, and press rocked the night away, viewing our latest MOSCOT Originals and MOSCOT Sun Collections.

A GIANT THANK YOU to Ottica Coassin, and to our European distribution partner, Baumvision Europe, for a job well done! We feel so lucky! 

Check out Ottica Coassin's MOSCOT windows below and stay tuned for a very special video, coming up this week!

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night to help celebrate the official opening of our new Orchard Street Shop at 108 Orchard!

Over nibbles and wine, and of course, champagne, we drank, laughed, and reminisced. To our friends, fans, and neighbors, we cannot thank you enough for your years of continued love and support. We are so very grateful. And the best part is, this is just the beginning!  To the future!

Check out photos from our new Shop, taken last night. The Shop is not finished yet…but we're getting there!



It's official! The day has come! After 77.5 years at 118 Orchard, MOSCOT has crossed Delancey Street to 108 Orchard! We're still putting on the finishing touches, so please excuse our mess, but we just couldn't wait…our doors are open TODAY!

We're super happy and incredibly excited to announce the official opening of MOSCOT Orchard Street at 108 Orchard, on the OTHER corner of Delancey.

There's so much more in-store to see...we can't wait to share! So what are you waiting for? Come on by!

108 Orchard Street resumes normal working hours today:
Monday to Friday 10AM to 7PM
Saturday 10AM to 6PM
Sunday 11AM to 6PM

And don't forget to stop by Thursday, May 23rd (tomorrow!) for our once-every-77.5-years-only-moving special, as we stay open late to offer friends and neighbors 15% off all MOSCOT frames – at our new 108 Orchard Street Shop only - from 11AM to 9PM. We hope to see you there!

NOTE: 15% off MOSCOT FRAMES only. Offer good in shop ONLY, at 108 Orchard Street, on May 23rd from 11AM to 9PM ONLY. Offer applies to frames only, and may not be combined with other offers or discounts, or insurance/VSP.

The day has come! The countdown has begun! And our move is underway! With nearly eighty years worth of quirky and historical tchotchkes, treasures, and furnishings in tow, MOSCOT Orchard Street has begun crossing Delancey from 118 Orchard to 108 Orchard.

Yesterday, Day 1…was not a day for the faint of heart. Our Shop's kluged together wall showcase, which generation after generation of Moscots added to over the years until it grew to its present day, GIANT, room-sized self was gingerly taken apart, piece by delicate piece, by a team of professional disassemblers - who all the while scratched their heads wondering if it would crumble to pieces. Then the hundreds of pieces were carried across Delancey (no jaywalking with this monster) to its new home at 108, where the (now) reassemblers miraculously put the thing back together - and man oh man…it's never looked better! Whoop!

Check out these photos from the disassembly/reassembly - including the secret door we found behind the monster wall showcase when we took it apart! And spoiler alert - sneak peak of the new shop!

Nine days and counting until 108 opens on May 22!

Our wall showcase before...


Behind the wall showcase...a secret door? Secret passage?

Nope, no jaywalking for us!

Success! Its new home at 108 Orchard!

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APRIL 5, 2011