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Three cheers for, and a HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY to, our newest stockist, Myoptic Optometry, in beautiful Portland, Oregon! Whoop!

Located in North Williams, Myoptic is dedicated to serving their surrounding community, and to fun and fashion - a most excellent mission we can certainly stand behind (especially since we share it in common!)!

To celebrate the arrival of MOSCOT, and their third year anniversary, Myoptic is holding a neighborhood block party this weekend (with free yummy snacks, cocktails and a live band) for any and all to attend! Check out their website at www.pdxeyes.com for more information, and details follow below:

Friday, May 10th, 2013, from 5 to 8PM
3800 – 3900 North Williams Avenue

Introducing Dr. Courtney Case!

What is your position at MOSCOT?

How long have you worked for MOSCOT?
5 years

What is your favorite thing about working for MOSCOT?
The family atmosphere...we are all a creative bunch and I really enjoy the diverse, artistic, caring, and amazing group of folks that work here!

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not at work?
Long walks with my dog Oliver and drawing.

What is your favorite MOSCOT frame and which one do you wear?
My favorite frame is The LEMTOSH, which I also wear! A close second is The TUMMEL.

Where would you take your favorite MOSCOT Sun on vacation?
My TUMMEL to any beach, with a great book! Ideally though, with my family in Florida. 

Dobrý den, v Praze! 

We're super excited to announce MOSCOT is now available in the Czech Republic! WHOOP!

We're definitely feeling the love in one of the most romantic cities in the world! Meet optometrist, MOSCOT fan, and our newest sales rep and stockist, Katerina Podzimkova and her partner, Zbyněk Křesťan, who are bringing MOSCOT to the Czech Republic! Working with Baumvision Europe, our European distribution partner, MOSCOT is available now at Eye-Eye Ltd. in Prague, and will soon be available in other shops throughout the Czech Republic. 

We're completely blown away! Děkuji!!!! 

For available MOSCOT styles, check out their brand spanking new MOSCOT website: www.eye-eye.cz.  And also check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MOSCOT-brýle!

The MOSCOT Mobileyes Foundation made their quarterly visit last week to The Boys' Club, both downtown in the Lower East Side and uptown in Harlem. With a team of MOSCOT optometrists, patient coordinators, and opticians, we examined 30 children and dispensed glasses to 20 in need! 

Over the course of our two day visit, our team bonded with each child, learning more about their vision needs, experiences at school, even their favorite sports teams (overwhelmingly, the Knicks!), all while helping them pick out the perfect pair of frames! 

We are beyond grateful to The Boys' Club for their ongoing efforts in support of our team's quest to change lives through corrected vision. A single pair of prescription eyeglasses has enabled hundreds of children to finally reach their fullest academic potential, changing their lives forever! The impact for all those involved is not only immediate, but also long lasting as well. To learn more about MOSCOT Mobileyes Foundation and how you can help a child in need, please visit our website at www.moscotmobileyes.com. More pictures from our visit below!

We love, love, LOVE Mexico City and the many MOSCOT friends and fans living there who've become part of our extended family! So we're super excited to add another family member to our mix...Optikal Shop in Plaza Antara, who have dressed their windows and in-store displays with all things MOSCOT to celebrate! Check out their gorgeous shop photos below, and make sure to visit their website at www.optikalshop.com.mx.

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At MOSCOT, we love, love, LOVE music and this weekend, Coachella 2013 kicks off with an impressive line-up of shows in sunny Coachella Valley, California! Our super cool friends, streetstyle photographer, Bridget, and stylist, Kat, will be on-site, reporting live…so stay tuned for more news and what we're sure to be, pretty awesome pictures of MOSCOT fans and some of our favorite bands, in MOSCOT! 

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for more MOSCOT at Coachella! 

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We're super excited to announce that you can now find MOSCOT on LE BOOK, the world's first and only trade publication for Beauty, Design, Entertainment, Publishing, Advertising, and Fashion! 

With a global reach, including five published editions — Paris, New York, London, Berlin, and West Coast — we're thrilled to be featured alongside such a creative group of people, including some of the most talented photographers, art directors, graphic designers, and illustrators in the world! Not too shabby, if you ask us!

Check out our latest 2013 MOSCOT Sun Campaign online here and watch as we continue to build our portfolio over the next year! If you'd like to purchase LE BOOK, visit their online boutique here.


Yup, that's right…MOSCOT is officially on Instagram! WHOOP!
Follow us at @MOSCOTNYC for a day in the life at MOSCOT — a behind-the-brand perspective of our daily musings, humor, and inspirations. We can't wait to share our photos with our fans, far and wide, and we can't wait to hear from you too…connect with us today!

Tokyo is buzzing with excitement over Community Mart…a super fun and funky new pop up shop, featuring a bevy of Japan's hottest contemporary designers and artists, and yup, MOSCOT! On display now until March 30th only, so make haste and check it out!

We're super excited and so thankful for this opportunity! A BIG ありがとう to our Japanese distribution partner, E-V-I Corporation, for including MOSCOT in Community Mart…we couldn't be more proud! Check out the pictures below and for more information, please visit the Community Mart website.

In celebration of our newest 2013 MOSCOT Sun Collection, our fabulous stockists, Eye Society, are hosting a MOSCOT Trunk Show, next Thursday, March 28th…WHOOP!

Stop by Municipal Winemakers at the Funk Zone, Santa Barbara, from 5PM to 9PM, to see what all the buzz is about!

MOSCOT, food, drinks, and secret special giveaways….in sunny Santa Barbara no less! Not too shabby! 

To peruse our 2013 MOSCOT Sun Collection online, click here.

APRIL 5, 2011