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Sunday, September 23rd @ 3pm
159 Court Street (Between Dean & Pacific Streets) 

Aunt Martha is the creative vessel of New England based songwriter and vocalist Tim Noyes. The band has taken various shapes since its formation in 2008, propelled by the constant writing and touring that has become Noyes’ trademark. 2011 was their busiest year yet, with five recordings released, and over 150 shows played all over the US at many well-known music festivals including Bonnaroo and Orlando Calling. Aunt Martha has opened for the likes of Deer Tick, Blind Pilot, and Matisyahu. Their music is sometimes quiet and sentimental, stripped down to acoustic guitar and vocals. At other times, it becomes a lush wall of sound filled by layered vocal loops, electric guitars, makeshift percussion and synthesizers, like on their recent album Norway, ME.

New York-based band Swear and Shake's loyal fan base and earnest talent have driven them on tours across the US and into the focal point of fawning critics. The band's star seems to be continually on the rise, as they play premiere Manhattan and Brooklyn venues and release their fully-Kickstarter-funded LP, Maple Ridge. Swear and Shake is Kari Spieler (vocals, lyrics, guitar), Adam McHeffey (vocals, lyrics, guitar, banjo, piano), Shaun Savage (electric bass), and Tom Elefante (percussion). The band formed in 2010 after Kari helped Adam record a demo of one of his original songs, "Johnnie." Adam recruited longtime friends Shaun and Tom to flesh out the sounds behind Kari's soulful, smoky voice and Adam's catchy folk strumming.

Free download of The MOSCOT Music and Extended Family Mixtape available 9/4/2012, including songs by Aunt Martha, Allison Weiss, I Am Lightyear and more! Get your copy at  fmly.co/moscotmixtape. 

Attendees will receive 20% off purchases of MOSCOT branded glasses day of show with display of web flyer or copy of email blast. A portion of music purchased from performers will benefit The MOSCOT Mobileyes  Foundation, which provides free quality medical eyecare and prescription eyewear to those who would not otherwise have access to such care. For more information visit moscotmobileyes.org.

Extended Family was born out of the desire for Family Records to work with artists who weren't signed to their label, in a way that felt positive and fun for everyone involved. Past projects have involved a free mixtape and a series of events, with the first taking place at SxSW and the second, a live music series at The Ace Hotel in NYC. Extended Family's latest adventure is teaming up with MOSCOT for a weekend of "Farewell To Summer" at The MOSCOT Orchard and Court Street locations.  


It was a great weekend of music at MOSCOT Orchard Street and Court Street with K.Flay and Andy Suzuki and The Method! K.Flay took a break from recording new songs to play an intimate set at The MOSCOT Gallery & Music Space on Saturday. She rapped quick-witted rhymes and covers including the throwback "We Like To Party" by Vengaboys. The live drumming and excellent performance kept the room full and the crowd engaged. She even started a stir with people outside the shop, who couldn't help but stop and witness K.Flay's talent firsthand.   

The Backyard at MOSCOT Court Street was packed yesterday, when Andy Suzuki and The Method preformed a live, intimate show. They played new and old songs and covers, including "Let It Be" by The Beatles. During the hour and a half show, Andy got the crowd involved as backup vocals as they helped sing the chorus. A big thank you to Andy Suzuki and The Method and all of the fans who came out yesterday - we love to have a full backyard! Stay tuned to The MOSCOT blog to find out who is playing "Live From The Shop" in September!

Introducing…Zack! (MOSCOT Intern and 5th Generation Moscot)
What is your position at MOSCOT?
I am currently the MOSCOT Intern. I'd like to think I've been a valuable member of the MOSCOT team this summer. I spent the first couple weeks working along side Louie, our Art Director, photoshopping and helping him complete visual images for our new Style Guide, which will be out October 1st. After that, and for the majority of the summer, I explored the vast dimensions of customer service. Robyn, Dan and the rest of the Customer Service team shared their expertise and showed me how to provide the full MOSCOT MX via phone, email, and on the sales floor. I also helped our in house marketing team  -- and -- certainly enjoyed modeling product when offered the option!
How long have you worked for MOSCOT? 
Intertwined within my double helix, I believe I have been working at MOSCOT since the day I was born! I started working at the MOSCOT shops in 2007, while I was in high school. Even though I'm only here in the summers when I'm not back at school, I do my best to stay current on MOSCOT events, product, and projects. I'm finally in my last year at the University of Michigan, and as soon as I graduate, I'm eager to get back in the shop!
What is your favorite thing about working for MOSCOT?
As a 5th generation Moscot, this is the hardest question to answer. Working at MOSCOT every day represents the living history and ongoing journey of my family, the "Moscot Family"and the MOSCOT tradition. I feel a great sense of pride and love around me as I walk through the front door, up the steps, and into the shop. I feel the history of my family, and the hardworking MOSCOT Family of the past and of the present. It is the MOSCOT Family that makes working here the ultimate experience! Not only am I around the most creative and coolest people, but also the most upbeat, humorous, and spirited  people! Everyone at MOSCOT is so dynamically different and awesome in their own way, which as a mix, makes for one well stirred cauldron full of magical spells!
What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work? 
When I'm not at the shop, I love playing guitar and writing original music. It's always fun jamming with my dad, aka the BOSS, when I'm home. But it is and has been quite a treat working on and playing music with MOSCOT team members, especially Arthur - our 14th Street shop manager -- he's quite a sick musician and knows how to make your stuff sound good!
Which MOSCOT frame are you taking back with you to college? 
The LEMTOSH! You know I'm going to bring back my Flesh LEMTOSH with Green Lenses. Classic combination! I love sportin' my MOSCOT LEMTOSH at school and on my walks to class. I like to think my LEMTOSH helps spread the creative and free spirited vibes that MOSCOT and everyone here at MOSCOT represent to everyone around me!

We are super excited to announce that MOSCOT has made its Midwest debut at Owl Optical in Minneapolis! Located near Lake Harriet in South Minneapolis, Owl Optical (www.owloptical.com), is owned by husband and wife team, Chris and Julie Hansen, who met 14 years ago at an optical shop and share a love of eyewear. Owl Optical is a perfect fit for MOSCOT! 


It was a truly special evening of music last night when Matt Heafy, frontman for Trivium, performed a special one night only acoustic to benefit The MOSCOT Mobileyes Foundation, moscotmobileyes.com. Hosted by MOSCOT Music and Roadrunner Records, Matt wowed the crowd with a set list that included Trivium songs and covers. In between songs, Matt interacted with fans answering questions and sharing stories about being on the road, how he preps for shows, and what he'd do if he weren't a musician (HINT: food!). 

After the show, guests headed upstairs to shop, mingle and enjoy beer from Brooklyn Brewery, and delicious cocktails courtesy of Drambuie. 

A HUGE thank you to Matt Heafy and Roadrunner records for an amazing evening!

Please stay tuned to the MOSCOT Facebook page for information on upcoming MOSCOT MUSIC events. 


Introducing Bahareh!

What is your position at MOSCOT? 
I am the PR Manager at MOSCOT. (Want to feature MOSCOT? Hint, hint.)

How long have you worked for MOSCOT? 
A year and a half.

What is your favorite thing about working for MOSCOT?
I am constantly learning new things, have met tons of interesting people, and get to be creative every day! AND, MOSCOT is responsible for making my dream (fear) of singing in front of a crowd a reality! What other job has an in-house band (The MOSCOT All Stars) that demands you sing your favorite 80's song while all of your friends and colleagues cheer you on, you ask? That's right — this job! 

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
I didn't get the nickname Dancing Bears for nothing. I love going to dance class, concerts, yoga, and the "occasional" night on the town. 

What is your favorite MOSCOT frame and which one do you wear? 
It's so hard to choose, but I am really loving my new NIGEL in Olive Stripe, and I have always loved my Cranberry DREW.

Where would you take your favorite MOSCOT Sun on vacation?
Well, I already took The DREW to Hawaii…so this summer I'm taking The CAMERON to California.


The AVERY is for the super smart professor who happens to be hot enough to distract from his or her own lecture.

Clean and tailored, The HENRY is based on The LEMTOSH silhouette, but with a thinner gauge — think LEMTOSH...minus a few pounds.

The HESH. This big, full, purely rectangular frame is contemporary yet refined. It's the ideal frame for the consummate gentleman.

The LYNNIE. This sleek frame is seductive and sophisticated with a narrow silhouette and a slight upsweep across the brow (take note: upsweep = mini "eyelift"). 


The MAXWELL is a large, thick, rectangular frame reminiscent of the age of neon and leg warmers. That's right people — the 80s are back.

The YALE. With this full cut frame, you'll be the BMOC (that's big man on campus, but you already knew that). 

This frame will help you achieve that serious and studious, yet stylish look that screams, "Smart, yes; boring, not!" The GLENN, A favorite of Dr. Moscot.

The CHARLA. This delicate cat eye frame is for the woman who's equally comfortable scouring the flea market for vintage couture as she is scouring the skies for Cassiopeia.


Just like that LBD your best friend loves to borrow, but always “forgets” to return, The LUCY is sexy, alluring, and flattering, yet classic and simple (and with a slight cat eye upsweep, slimming too — yay!).
Put on your pleated pants, polo shirts, and penny loafers…The SPENCER will inspire you to pop your collar and declare the return of the Prepster. Tennis anyone?

The stainless steel GARRETT is strongly built, comfortable, and dependable, like a full-size luxury car, but with clean, elegant lines, like a ballet dancer. So basically The GARRETT is like Baryshnikov in a Cadillac, but with prescription lenses.

Pop on The PARSON and say adios to pick up lines, speechwriters, and publicists. This handsome, clever frame says it all for you…whether you’re the strong silent type, or just at a loss for words.


Slip on The BRETT and you’ll be transported back to the days when disco balls and leisure suits ruled the dance floor. Trust us...you’ll feel tha funk. Can you dig?

This avuncular frame is a timeless classic — comfortable, conservative, dependable, and good looking, just like our Uncle Danny, for whom the frame is named. An evolution of The NEBB, The DANNEE looks smart on both uncles and aunts.

The EMILE was made for folks who wear their glasses, not the other way around. Great with a classic suit or an LBD (...little black dress).

The FIONAH’s thick temple and hint of Harlequin adds a little sumthin sumthin to your wardrobe that makes getting dressed each day just a little bit more fun.

APRIL 5, 2011