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Your search for supreme style stops here...but only for a lucky few! The impossibly badass Crystal CASSIUS is now available with Electric Blue Mirrored Lenses...that's right — you heard us — ELECTRIC BLUE MIRRORED LENSES.

But Don't delay! We only made 100 of these bad boys/bad girls, and they are ONLY available at MOSCOT shops and online at moscot.com.

Wanna see yourself in The CASSIUS? Well, now you can (Haha, get it? Mirrored lenses), visit moscot.com to virtually try them on. 


Need a thorough eye exam but don’t want to nor have time to get dilated? Now, you may not have to! This handy new imaging technology allows our doctors to see an ultra-widefield view of the back of your eye (aka, the retina) -- normally something achieved only through dilation, and hours of blurry vision….BOO! But now depending on your condition (doctor's discretion), it's Optomap to the rescue…YAY!

Call us at (866) 667-2678 or email customerservice@moscot.com to schedule an exam. 

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Introducing Dr. Butler! 

What is your position at MOSCOT?
I am the Senior Optometrist at MOSCOT. 

How long have you worked for MOSCOT?
My 5 year mark at MOSCOT will be in two months. It’s crazy how the time flies.

What is your favorite thing about working for MOSCOT?
My favorite aspect of working at MOSCOT is getting to know my patients, and then seeing them on the streets of NYC wearing a MOSCOT frame! 

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
I have a secret passion for baking. I treat baking as a science project. When every ingredient is measured, weighed and timed just right, you know the final product will be a success.

What is your favorite MOSCOT frame and which one do you wear?
My favorite MOSCOT frame is The DANNEE. I have it in almost every color, including a custom color.

Where would you take your favorite MOSCOT Sun on vacation? 
I would take my MOSCOT frame to London for vacation this summer. That way I could watch the Olympic games in style.

Harvey Moscot just back from Hong Kong, where he visited with our amazing Hong Kong/China distribution partner, Visual Culture. Check out Visual Culture's newest store in the bustling neighborhood of Lan Kwai Fong, where our MOSCOT display overlooks the busiest street corner in the hood, where millions of peeps pass by every day! We couldn't be more proud and grateful!  A HUGE thanks to the Visual Culture team for their generous hospitality, and incredible presentation MOSCOT. 

Visual Culture team: Roxanne, Pazo, Steven and Cassidy at The Visual Culture Corporte Headquarters. 

The MOSCOT display at the Visual Culture shop

Visual Culture team: Steven and Pazo at the Flagship in Causeway Bay, HK



Our amazing distribution partner in Korea, CED, never fails to impress us with their creativity and sense of humor!
Check out these photos from The International Optical Show, DIOPS, where Ted and his amazing team made MOSCOT proud! MOSCOT beer…yum! 

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The wait is finally over….TEAM MOSCOT SUN 2012 HAS FINALLY ARRIVED AT MOSCOT! 

These world champions are bold, playful, and seductive, in addition, of course, to their fly style, and they can't wait to meet you! Summer is shaping up! 


The ADRIENNE – These oversized, playful, butterfly inspired frames are one part hippy dippy, two parts Ziggy Stardust, with a little (late sixties/early seventies) Laurel Canyon rock-and-roll thrown in for good measure. Made from acetate with brushed metal detail on frame front and temples, a saddle bridge, and a three barrel hinge. Available in Crystal with Gradient G-15 Lenses. 

 – The sleek and sexy CAMERON is rectangular yet round, masculine yet feminine, 1970s yet 1980s, old school yet au courant. Basically, The CAMERON ardently defies classification, except the sleek and sexy part, which it’s totally willing to accede to. Made from acetate with brushed metal detail on frame front and temples, a saddle bridge, and a five barrel hinge. Available in Grey Beige with Brown Gradient Lenses.

The CASSIUS – Cross couture with Blade Runner and you get these badass, squared off, Aviator-like frames that pack a wallop of attitude and glamour. Perfect for the beach, Paris, or a Navy Seal. Made from acetate with two dot rivets on the front and temples, a saddle bridge with vertical window cut out, and a three barrel hinge. Available in Black with Gradient G-15 Lenses and Crystal with Gradient G-15 lenses. 

The EMERSON – One of our most luxurious frames to date, The EMERSON is sophisticated and seductive on women, stately and sexy on men. Warning: use of this frame may cause unintended summer romance. Made from acetate with brushed metal detail on frame front and temples, a saddle bridge, and a three barrel hinge. Available in Matte Tortoise with Brown Gradient Lenses. 

The ISOBEL – Monaco meets the Lower East Side. The ISOBEL is an unmistakable cat eye, but slightly overstated for a more glamorous and alluring effect...no matter which hood you’re hangin’ in. Made from acetate with brushed metal detail on temples, a saddle bridge, and a five barrel hinge. Available in Bone with Brown Gradient Lenses, Matte Black with Brown Gradient Lenses, Mauve with Brown Gradient Lenses, and Vanilla Swirl with Brown Gradient Lenses. 

Click here for MOSCOT Sun.


Introducing Ivan!

What is your position at MOSCOT?

I’m a lab technician, and sometimes I'm like a secret weapon with my handyman skills.


How long have you worked for MOSCOT? 

For more than three years now! Wow...time flies! It feels like I started yesterday!


What is your favorite thing about working for MOSCOT? 

If you would have asked me when I was a child, “What’s the part of the human body that impresses you the most?” my answer would have been, "The eyes." I’m happy to be learning and working in this field. The eyes are the windows to your soul.


What is your most memorable MOSCOT moment? 

I was working late at our 14th shop to finish up an overseas order and ran downstairs to the deli to grab dinner. There was something happening outside on the street in front of our shop. I realized there was a movie being filmed! So I bought a sandwich, ran back upstairs, opened the shop window, and watched them film 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' with Nicolas Cage! I had a VIP seat! 


What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

Ufff...I'm a sports lover! So for sure playing any sport, even if I'm not good at it! Also, fishing! I love to go fishing with my brother. We are excited because the fishing season is about to begin!


What is your favorite frame/ what frame do you wear? 

I've definitely been a fan of The JORDAN from the beginning! I also like The IZZY (the one I'm wearing in the picture). I’m torn!


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There's been so much hype about the 2012 MOSCOT Sun Collection, Hypebeast couldn't help themselves! Look who's giving fans an exclusive sneak peak (sneaky Hypebeast) at The CASSIUS from our soon to be release sophmore Sun Collection. Available in Black and Crystal, this badass frame is available for pre order right now at moscot.com. The FULL 2012 MOSCOT Sun Collection to be released APRIL 13, 2012 - STAY TUNED.

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We'd like to extend a HUGE welcome to our newest partner VisionView Optometrist in Cape Town, South Africa! The team at VisionView have been working hard to create a wonderful MOSCOT display in their shop and we think they've done a phenomenal job. We're so excited to have them on board!

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Check out these great pics of Harvey at Storm, a fantastic retailer in Copenhagen, Denmark. Last week Harvey attended a 'meet and greet' event at Storm that had the press buzzing! A huge thanks to our fantastic rep, Kim, and the team at Storm for organizing the event!

Click here for Streetcouture.dk

Click here for Superbial.dk

APRIL 5, 2011