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New Campaign Features A Whose Who of Heavy Metal Artists to Launch
Its 2012 Spring/Summer MOSCOT Originals Collection

NEW YORK, March 09, 2012 – MOSCOT, a New York City institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear — The MOSCOT Originals, MOSCOT Spirit, and MOSCOT Sun Collections – will launch an equally iconic and striking advertising campaign featuring the most recognizable names in Heavy Metal.  The MOSCOT Metal Campaign launches worldwide March 9, 2012, concomitant with the launch of five striking new MOSCOT Originals styles – the Company’s first foray into all metal frames and a marked departure from its trademark acetate styles.

The pairing of MOSCOT, a nearly 100 year old, fourth generation heritage brand known for it’s downtown New York City sensibility and aesthetic, with a bevy of Heavy Metal artists and personalities, may at first sounded incongruent, but for the creative team at MOSCOT, tattoos, piercings, leather and long beards proved to be the perfect canvas for the refined lines of the new Collection.

More than just a play on words or publicity stunt, philosophically MOSCOT felt a real connection between who MOSCOT is as a brand and what these men and women stand for as artists.
All are authentic, genuine, creative, fun, unconventional, humble, non-conformists who know where they come from, what they like, and what works for them, so that’s what they do…and that’s what makes them each Originals.

The campaign was created in house by the MOSCOT creative team – conceptualized and photographed by MOSCOT Co-President, Wendy Simmons and Marketing Coordinator Bianca Pizzoferrato, with post production by Louie Lepore, costume styling by Santiago Siguenza, and makeup by Breanna Williams. The 2012 campaign was shot at the iconic Williamsburg metal bar, Duff’s Brooklyn, and features Alex Skolnick (Testament), Chris Adler (Lamb of God), Faisal Talal (Acrassicauda), Jesse Leach (Killswitch), Jose Mangin (Sirius Radio), Juliya Chernetsky (Fuse TV), Marwan Riyadh (Acrassicauda), Matt Heafy (Trivium), Scott Ian (Antrax), and Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society).

 The campaign will be featured in MOSCOT shops and on moscot.com, and in retail and specialty retail shops worldwide.

 About the Artists:

Alex Skolnick - Alex Skolnick, born in 1968, grew up in Berkeley, California. At age nine, a fascination with the rock group Kiss led to a desire to learn guitar.
At age sixteen, Alex tried out for a local band called Legacy. Shortly after graduating from high school, he found himself recording his first album with the group, who by this time had changed their name to Testament. What followed were five albums and countless tours with, among others, Megadeth, Slayer, Judas Priest, and White Zombie. Alex received critical acclaim for his lead guitar work, which had been inspired by heroes such as Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, ranking high in many guitar magazine polls, often as ‘Best Thrash Guitarist’ and ‘Most Underrated Guitarist.’

In addition to his metal accomplishments, Alex has made a mark that no one would have predicted: as a jazz guitarist. In 1988, while working on the second Testament album, nineteen year old Alex happened to capture one of Miles Davis’ guitar driven electric bands on television. This inspired an intense study of jazz, leading to, his eventual relocating to New York City, where he earned a BfA from New School University’s jazz program (class of 2001).

It was at the New School where Alex Skolnick Trio was born. Their first recording, “Goodbye To Romance:Standards For A New Generation” brought together the worlds of metal and traditional jazz in an unprecedented blend. ‘GTR’ reached the top 30 on the US jazz radio charts, earned a full page article in Billboard and received rave reviews from Downbeat, Jazziz and other magazines; on-line retailer CDBaby listed GTR among it’s top sellers. What followed was a recording contract with Magnatude Records and a sucessful follow up CD, Transformation. Alex Skolnick Trio continues to tour at jazz and rock venues as well as festivals, including the Rochester Intl. Jazz Festival and the Riverbend Festival in Chatanooga.

Alex is also a featured member of several high profile rock/pop/theater projects. Most notable of these is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which performs to sold out crowds across the U.S. at such venues as New York’s Madison Square Garden. With TSO, Alex has regular television appearances including Good Morning America and Live With Regis And Kelly. Alex is also featured in Jekyll & Hyde In Concert, the first touring version of the hit Broadway show, and is a key element in the new Jekyll soundtrack album on Koch records. Jekyll & Hyde composer Frank Wildhorne writes in the liner notes ‘It all became clear when I heard Alex’s incredible guitar playing. It is his sound, his sense of theater and the passion that lives in his playing that was, for me, the musical voice I had to have for these songs.’ Another hit composer who Alex has been working with lately is Jim Steinman, who created the songs for Meatloaf’s classic album ‘Bat Out Of Hell.’ Jim’s latest project, the ‘Dream Engine’ is a group including Alex and AST drummer Matt Zebroski, performing a collection of his new songs and classics including ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ whose singer, Bonnie Tyler, is a frequent guest at the Dream Engine’s live shows.

Past collaborations have including bassists Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani/Steve Vai), Les Claypool (of Primus), Michael Manring (Wyndam Hill recording artist), singer Ozzy Osbourne (the Prince of Darkness himself), rock band Savatage (Atlantic recording artists) and more. Alex has composed pieces for the EA video game “Hot Wheels Turbo Racing”, the USA Network’s broadcast of the 2002 Westminster Dog Show (a big band jazz piece), and the MTV series “Makin’ The Band.”

In 2005, Alex reunited with Testament (after 13 years) for a series of sold out concerts in Europe and Japan, including festivals with groups including Korn, Def Leppard and Guns’nRoses. These reunion shows were such a success that more dates continue to follow and a new album could be in the works.

Alex is also a big fan of modern fiction.

Chris Adler - Adler attended Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, Virginia; Adler attended college at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia where he met current bandmates John Campbell and Mark Morton. His inspirations include former Wrathchild America drummer Shannon Larkin and Stewart Copeland of The Police.

Before devoting his career to Lamb of God, Adler was planning a career as a Network Engineer. He is Microsoft certified. Adler admits that even today he still gets nervous before big shows, "I have to watch the video when we are done because I kinda black out and just run on adrenaline and muscle memory." His favorite song to play live is Hourglass.

According to DRUM! Magazine, Adler describes his first drum kit as a disaster:

“The bass drum legs were different lengths so they wouldn’t touch the ground at the same time. Every time I would hit it, it would wobble from left to right. The cymbal stands were duct taped together, and I think after two or three times playing the kit, the pedalboard actually broke in half because it was made of that crappy old fake metal."

When asked how Wrath would differ from the previous albums, Adler had this to say.

"I'm happy to be done because it was the most intense playing since As The Palaces Burn, and I proved to myself that I still got it. This new stuff is heavy duty. This album is going to be more aggressive than the last 2. We want to get back to the nasty stuff."

Like Lamb of God bassist John Campbell, Adler is a vegetarian.

Jesse Leach - Jesse David Leach (b. July 3, 1978) is an American musician from Providence, Rhode Island, and is best known as being the current lead vocalist of Killswitch Engage and also for being the vocalist for the blues rock band Seemless. He is also the current singer for the hardcore metal band The Empire Shall Fall and Times of Grace. In February 2012 he rejoined Killswitch Engage following the departure of vocalist Howard Jones in January 2012.

Jose Mangin - José Mangin started his radio assault in Arizona as Metal Director of the U of A’s college radio station in Tucson. As a graduate student in Pharmacy over in Memphis, Mangin landed a killer gig in radio, and ended up choosing a life of rock ‘n roll over medicine. In 2000 José moved to NYC and landed his dream job over at SIRIUS-XM. Throughout the years Mangin help to revolutionize rock radio, and has lined up some impressive awards and praise for his efforts, including being name checked by Metallica’s James Hetfield in Rolling Stone magazine! Currently, José programs Liquid Metal and Hair Nation, can be heard rockin’ on-air weekdays on Liquid Metal, hosts a nationally syndicated weekly TV show called LatiNation, and is a father of two “horn throwing” metal chicks. Raised since birth on heavy music, Mangin lives his dream 24/7 at SIRIUS-XM, and is stoked to be bringing this music to the masses.

Juliya Chernetsky – Whether you know her as Juliya Chernetsky, Mistress Juliya or just Juliya, you definitely KNOW her.  From her multiple music shows on Fuse TV, to provocative spreads in Maxim, Stuff and Inked Magazine, or hosting live events around the globe like Columbus, Ohio's Rock on the Range or the Rockstar Mayhem Festival....Juliya is hard to ignore.

Chernetsky was born in Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She made her broadcast debut on the show Tastemakersf or MMUSA. Her brashness made her an instant favorite, and after a year on Tastemakers, she moved on to host Uraniumin June 2002.

Chernetsky's popularity led to the debut of a spin-off entitled Metal Asylum. Around this same time, she began hosting the music-themed advice show Slave to the Metal. She established herself as a fixture of music journalism and the metal community, gaining exposure for new bands and exclusive access to events such as the Ozzfest 10th anniversary. Juliya currently hosts Fuse's weekly Top 20 Countdown.

Matt Heafy – Heafy is Japanese from his mother and Irish-American from his father. As stated in an interview, he was born in Iwakuni, Japan, and only lived there for one year. His family then moved to Orlando, Florida, where he currently resides.

Heafy learned to play the saxophone in years leading up to becoming more serious on guitar at the age of twelve.

Heafy attended Lake Brantley High School. He completed his senior year while also touring in Europe, and graduated in 2004. He currently plays a custom Gibson 7-string guitar.[5] He used 6-string guitars for Trivium's first two albums, utilizing standard tuning and Drop D tuning on Ember to Inferno, and solely drop D tuning on Ascendancy. On Trivium's third record, The Crusade, he returned to standard tuning and performed some songs on 7-string guitars. On Shogun, Heafy used 7-string guitars almost exclusively, with only two songs using a 6-string. For Trivium's fifth studio album "In Waves", Heafy returned to using solely 6-string guitars and used drop C# tuning similar to the drop D as seen on Ascendancy.

Heafy does not know formal music theory, and was almost completely self-taught. However, he does know how to read sheet music, but can only apply it on the saxophone. "Self taught for quite a bit of it, did lessons on and off for maybe two or three years, but I do not know anything formal music on guitar. I do on saxophone though…but that doesn’t help me on guitar."

On January 10, 2010, Heafy married Ashley Howard in Orlando, Florida. The wedding was attended by close friends and family.

Matt still often uses the same first Gibson Les Paul he got from his father, in both a live and studio setting.

Recently in an interview Heafy stated, "A lot of people have been asking about the hair. I cut it off and donated it to Locks of Love, which is a foundation for kids with cancer and leukemia. So they make wigs out of real hair. This is the first time I had short hair I guess since I was like 17 or so. So it feels good, I've been sweating a lot less than I used to."

Scott Ian – Scott is the co-founder and rhythm guitar player of Anthrax. Scott, with Anthrax helped create thrash metal in the early 80's. Scott and Anthrax have sold over ten million records worldwide, have multiple Gold and Platinum record awards, have been nominated for a Grammy three times, and have toured the world since 1984 on over sixty something tours.

Scott had the idea to cover Public Enemy's Bring The Noise back in 1990. Chuck D and Flav rapped on it and the two bands toured the world together kicking the asses of expectations and stereotypes. Scott takes no credit good or bad for any musical genre that came after.

Scott was very excited about the 25th anniversary of Anthrax's debut album Fistful Of Metal in 2009. Scott wrote Lobo: Highway To Hell for DC Comics in 2009. Scott is currently writing his second series for DC featuring The Demon scheduled for a 2012 release. Scott is still amazed that he was asked to do this. Scott once hosted "Rock Show" on VH1 for a year and got to interview Ozzy Osbourne while dressed as Gene Simmons for Halloween.

Scott and Anthrax have been out playing shows as part of the Big 4 alongside Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. Scott had the highlight of his career in Anthrax when The Big 4 played Yankee Stadium in NYC on Sept 14 2011. That day was also officially proclaimed Anthrax day in the Bronx. Suck that everyone in high school.

Scott is currently on tour with Anthrax promoting Worship Music, the bands tenth studio record. Released September 13, 2011, Worship Music entered the Billboard charts at number twelve and his been a huge commercial and critical success.

Scott thanks everyone for being cool.

Zakk Wylde – In the two decades since Ozzy Osbourne hired him away from his job at a New Jersey gas station, Zakk Wylde has established himself as a guitar icon known and revered the world over.  Wylde has won nearly every guitar award imaginable, graced countless magazine covers and is a major influence to a new battalion of rock guitarists. Writing and recording with Osbourne led to multi-platinum success, inspiring him to create the now iconic Black Label Society in 1998.  In the decade plus since, BLS has turned the notion of what a rock band should be upside down by inspiring legions of fans (known as Berserkers) all over the world to follow the mantra: Strength, Determination, Merciless, Forever (SDMF for short).  Wylde and his Berserkers have established a heavy metal institution true to the vision of uncompromising, unfiltered and unrestrained rock ‘n’ roll.  To date, Black Label Society has sold millions of albums worldwide and continues to be a massive presence on the worldwide touring and merchandising circuits.  Black Label Society’s ORDER OF THE BLACK (eOne Music) was released in August, 2010 and debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart.  For more information, please visit www.blacklabelsociety.com or www.zakkwylde.com.

Acrassicauda - Faisal Talal and Marwan Riyadh - Take the number of metal bands who sing about war, death and destruction. Subtract it from the number of metal bands with personal experience of such matters.

If you arrive at the number minus 345 billion then you’ve done the math correctly. If you want real talk about war then you should meet the members of ACRASSICAUDA.

In the resulting American occupation even more friends and family were killed. Their practice space was blown to bits and they started to receive threats from the death squads that roamed the streets.

After leaving everything behind, they were forced to live like refugees running from Baghdad to Syria to Turkey. Several months, people, and filled-out forms later, the band finally arrived in New York, where they recorded the music you hold here in your hands.

Acrassicauda met the band Testament backstage at a concert in Turkey, and when they arrived in the United States, found a mentor in Alex Skolnick, lead guitarist, who helped them practice and get ready to record their first EP.

But it wasn’t just individuals who helped the band settle down in the United States, stop running, and finally get back to making music. Companies like ESP, Peavey, Guitar Center, and Yamaha donated gear to Acrassicauda.

Inspired by the carnage of the least seven years of their lives, the tracks that are Only the Dead See the End of the War were produced by Alex Skolnick, engineered by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Hatebreed, System of a Down), and co-produced by Nik Chinboukas at Spin Studios in Long Island City. Drawing from their love of Black Album- era Metallica, Slayer, and Sepultura, Acrassicauda have made a record that doesn’t sound like any other metal band out there. These are the bands that gave them the inspiration to continue on until they were able to make their music freely, but Acrassicauda has made an EP of songs that are all their own.

Like a wounded lion roaring in pain, every note and every riff of these songs is born from pain, agony, and strife and that can only stem from the experiences that they themselves lived. But just as they’ve lived their lives in the last seven years, Acrassicauda transcend mere negativity to make a beautiful, angrily hopeful record that’s as real as it comes.

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