HOME • Blog • MOSCOT is moving...we're crossing Delancey this Spring - from 118 Orchard Street to 108 Orchard Street!

After 77 years on the corner of Orchard and Delancey, MOSCOT Orchard Street is moving...across the street…to the opposite corner of Orchard and Delancey!

Our iconic building at 118 Orchard Street may have been sold (with plans to raze the building for development), but we're not going far! We love The Lower East Side and have called it home since our Great Grandpa Hyman first started selling eyeglasses from a pushcart on Orchard Street in 1899, so we were determined to stay close!  And close we shall be! As fate would have it, our new home at 108 Orchard Street is, literally, right across the street, and we couldn't be happier!

Just as Great Grandpa, Hyman, opened the first MOSCOT shop on Rivington Street and Grandpa Sol, moved MOSCOT to 118 Orchard Street, it's truly an honor to open 108 Orchard. We'll be recreating the gestalt of 118 Orchard at 108 by incorporating all of the quirky and historical tchotchkes and treasures accumulated over the past eight decades, that make our shop so unique, eclectic, visually engaging, and just plain fun space to hang out in and purchase eyewear. With nearly 2200 square feet, the new ground floor space will also have plenty of room to house The MOSCOT Gallery & Music Space! We'll have many more live music shows to look forward to, as well as plenty of space to showcase Moscot family memorabilia, commemorating our history and that of the Lower East Side.

Speaking of history, the Thrones of MOSCOT — the Peg and Groove chairs Grandpa Sol purchased in 1930 that fans still pop a squat in — will be crossing Delancey, as will 118's handmade Dovetail joint drawers, installed behind the counter in 1939, which still hold The LEMTOSH, NEBB and friends today. Fun fact about our new southeast corner: it was first the site of old-law tenements, then demolished in 1936 to build the Public National Bank and Trust Company…and now MOSCOT. 

There are only four corners on Orchard and Delancey, and though we're moving, we're not (really) going anywhere. We have many people to thank, especially Mark Miller, President of The Lower East Side Bid, who helped us secure our new home. Our new MOSCOT shop at 108 Orchard is expected to open in the Spring of 2013, and will have all the same products and services as our current shop, just across the street. Even our telephone number remains the same, 212-477-3796! 

As our shop opening draws closer, we'll be in touch with an opening date, and our patient coordinators and customer service staff will call to inform those of you who have scheduled appointments and frames to pick-up, with more information. Our current Orchard Street shop will remain open until our new shop is up and running.

If you have questions/concerns, feel free to live chat us at www.moscot.com, email us at customerservice@moscot.com, or call us 1-866-667-2687. 

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