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Lets Get You Framed

As an optometrist with over 30 years of optical experience, I understand the importance of a proper fitting frame. Not every frame fits every face, which is why MOSCOT has a wide selection of frame sizes to choose from. Not sure which MOSCOT style is for you? There are a few general guidelines we suggest to help you find frames that not only look great but fit well too.  

– Dr. Harvey Moscot, Optometrist - 4th Generation Moscot

How We See Fit

Size Matters. We determine size by the width of your face. With over 100 years of optical expertise, we know not every frame fits every face.  MOSCOT offers multiple sizes so that you can find the right frame for your face.

If you already wear glasses, we recommend looking at your current pair as a size reference.  The numbers indicating size are typically printed inside the temple of the frame.

Check out our guide for measuring your frames !


drawing of moscot frames
42mm - 45mm


If your face is on the slimmer side, or hats tend to be loose.


46mm - 49mm


Most MOSCOT customers are comfortable in this range. If you’re unsure, choose these sizes.


drawing of moscot frames


If your head is on the wider side, or hats tend to be a bit snug.

What Harvey Recommends

An important part of fit is determining where your eye sits in the frame. Your eyes should be well centered in the frame. Eyeglass frames that are too wide will make your eyes appear too close together, while narrow frames will give your eyes a wide-set look.

Still have questions? Our fit specialists are waiting to help you get framed!

Find your face shape

(Click on each of the shapes to explore)

  • Forehead and jawline are similar in width
  • Rounded jawline
  • Rounded chin

Oval faces are defined by rounded chins

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  • Forehead is equal width as jawline
  • Wide cheekbones
  • Notably square chin

Square faces are defined by broad jawlines

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  • Forehead and jawline are the same in width
  • Wide cheekbones
  • Chin is round in shape

Round shaped faces are defined by being almost the same in length and width

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  • Forehead and jawline are similar in width
  • Cheekbones taper into jawline
  • Narrow chin

Heart shaped faces are defined by being longer than they are wide, with a wide width

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Now, LETS Get MOSCOTized!

Don’t be afraid to mix things up! Your unique sense of style and perfect fitting MOSCOT frames always looks best.

The MOSCOT Originals Collection, based on styles from the Moscot family archives from the 1930s - 1980s, celebrates the classic good looks and timeless design born in decades past.  If it's not a MOSCOT, it's not an original.

The MOSCOT Spirit Collection departs from the Moscot family archives, but still shares the same great DNA as The MOSCOT Originals. Good genes run in the family.